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Axe Throwing Leagues are way more awesome than your parents Bowling Leagues!!

New format for 2022

Axe Throwing Points League 

7 weeks of 40 throws a week (280 total throws)  

8th week is double elimination head-to-head tournament/Date to be determined 

Cumulative score sets the rankings for the 8th week double elimination playoff 

Ties determined by the most bullseyes thrown during the season (most bullseyes in a season wins a prize) 

Can go for high ball/low ball twice per match or per 10 throws for a total of 28 attempts per season (most balls hit in a season wins prize)  

Players can throw a “match” against each other (Player with most wins at end of regular season wins a prize) 

  Requires at least 4 players to show up each week at the same time 

Players can show up any day of the week to get their throws in  

Throws must be counted by an axe throwing coach 

Player Cannot throw more than 2 weeks ahead (if player will miss the next week, they can throw for the next week but not 2)  

Player Cannot fall more than 4 weeks behind the league schedule or they will be disqualified from the final standings 

Traditional Head to Head League

Our League will last 8 weeks, first 7 weeks will determine the week 8 playoff bracket.  Each each league member will throw 4 matches against a fellow league member each week. Rankings will be based on total points, and win/ loss record.  The cost for the 8 week league is $125, Pay in Full or Weekly ($15.67/Week)

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