Frequently asked questions

What Should I wear?

We love to see everyone's unique style, But we do require everyone to wear closed toed shoes. If you forget this rule, we have the "Crocs of Shame" you can wear while handling axes.

Do you Provide the Equipment?

We do!! we have a selection of "House Axes" that you can choose from that work best for you. You are welcome to bring your own axe, but it must be inspected by a Rome Axe Throwing employee to ensure it is safe to use.

Can kids throw axes?

Any child over the age of 10 that can safely throw and handle an axe is welcome to particpate. However anyone under the age of 18 must be with a parent or legal guradian. We do have an area in the facility where kids not throwing can come and hang out as well. We also have a childrens axe throwing target that they can practice on until they are able to safely handle a real axe.

Is alcohol allowed at Rome Axe Throwing?

Negative. Rome Axe Throwing is a family friendly activity and we do not serve or allow outside alcohol to be brought into the facility. We do this to ensure everyone is having fun, and staying safe at all times.

Do i have to sign a Waiver to participate?

Yes. You must sign a waiver to throw axes at Rome Axe Throwing. If are just here to spectate then you do not need to sign a waiver, but you will not be allowed to handle or throw an axe. You can sign a waiver on our website before you arrive or you can sign it when you arrive at our facility.

Can i pay with cash?

We can accept both cash and credit payments. Credit is the prefferred method of payment. The Rome Axe Throwing Coach is there to help and ensure you are having a memorable experience. Tipping is not reuqired but if you think they have done a great job, tips are encouraged, please bring cash if you wish to leave a tip.

How often do you have to change the boards?

We'll just say that the Lumber mills love us. We have recently switched to Poplar boards from the typical Pine Boards. Poplar cost more upfront but last significantly longer and is much easier to stick an axe into.