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Rome Axe Throwing Games

aata target.png

League Match 

10 throws, thrown within 5 seconds of each other 

Points for axe sticks within the point ring only (touching the line awards points for higher point ring)  

High ball/Low ball on 5 and 10 throws 

Call it and get it 10 points, call it and miss 0 points 

Switch lanes after the 5th throw 

Most points after 10 throws wins 


This game can also be played with the High Ball/Low Ball does not need to be called and can be hit on any throw 

Around the world 

Hit point rings in order, cannot hit out of order (I.E. cannot hit the 4 before the 2)  

2,4,6,Bullseye/Bullseye 6,4,2 (Add the Killshot for added difficulty)  

First to finish all rings in order wins 


Play to 22 points 

Points based on rings  

To get points, score more points than your opponent on a throw (I.E you throw a 4 opponent throws a 2 you receive 2 points) 

Go over 22 and you bust back to 16 points 

First to land on 22 wins 

Axe Throwing Jenga 

Players throw at the same time 

Player with the lower score that round pulls a block from Jenga tower 

(I.E. player one throws a 4 and player two throws a 2, player two pulls from the tower) 

Player that knocks the tower over loses 


Players throw at same time 

First player to hit each of the point rings 3 separate times wins 

(I.E. 3-2's, 3-4's Etc.)  

3 High ball/Low Balls can be added for increased difficulty  

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